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Replacement Exterior Door Handles.

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Replacement AMC small bodied car door handles.  Many of us know that Jeep Wrangler 1/2 door handles are direct replacements for our small bodied cars.  And, if you don't mind black, they are now extremely affordable and appear to be of a good quality.  From what I can tell of the set I bought, they appear to be stamped steel, not pot metal and are a bit heavier than the OE ones.  The tang that always like to break also appears stronger.  Mine came without gaskets so if you need some you will have to find a vendor who provides them with their handles or separately.

I'm just wondering where you got them, as getting parts in Canada is a little more difficult.


Eddie Stakes sells the seals. 
under "parts" about 1/2 down the page
$9.99 + $1.50 shipping in US or Canada
He probably even has some listed on Ebay.

I got worried there, cause it says, "May not ship to Canada".

that typical on eBay?   You can tell I don't shop there very much.


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