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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2013, 01:57:18 PM »
6'3" here, I don't know why so many people think this is a small car... sure, it's no Lincoln Town Car, but it's still huge. I have friends who accidentally call it my "truck" all the time.

I don't know if this is the norm, but mine actually has three belts up front, and I could literally fit two of my assembly in either seat..

Plenty of place, even enough room to go back, for me... but I wish the seats actually sat lower.

The seat swap BenM mentioned, if I recall, took a bit of bracket fabrication and/or a chunk of two-by-four... I've been considering it myself, because the seats sit lower, but they then become un-adjustable unless you're some sort of wizard.

did the 2x4 trick to my sedan with xj seats. as said it is nonadjustable sits lower, but no ne but me drives that one so its fine for me

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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #16 on: June 02, 2013, 03:03:47 PM »
What if I wanted to go ridiculously classic and put in a single long seat from an old Hornet? Would that bolt up?

It might if the hump isn't higher. I was looking into slung seats like I had in my '70 Cortina GT. Made almost like a hammock so you can sit down low but you can't stash stuff under the seat without discomfort if you are too far down.

The 2drs have a larger opening like the SX4 and 2 dr sedan.

The power seats sit higher because of the motors underneath.

The earlier 2wd tilt columns are a bit short for the Eagles, but may XJ would fit. We hooked up the column shifter in SOTE to the AW4 quite easily.
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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #17 on: June 04, 2013, 10:09:11 PM »
Welcome to the nest.  I happen to be in Jersey also. Exit 9 on the turnpike.  And I also have a sedan if you would like to try it out.  It also could be yours if the price is right as I have been contemplating letting it go to a new home due to health issues and soon to be lack of a garage for it.

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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #18 on: June 10, 2013, 10:30:23 PM »
I never knew so many Eagle drivers were so tall lol
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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #19 on: June 10, 2013, 10:45:35 PM »
I'm 5'7"and find it hard to get in and out of my SX/4 because it doesn't have a tilt steering wheel. Can barely get my legs between the wheel and seat.

Of course if you are taller you probably have the seat pushed farther back!
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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #20 on: June 11, 2013, 11:12:19 AM »
Without the tilt though it's still hard. Got in an SX4 and it's tight for me unless it has tilt.

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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #21 on: September 17, 2013, 02:04:53 PM »
Yes, I'm with Rafe. Getting in and out of the SX/4 without tilt steering can be awkward at times, especially since it's so high off the ground. It might actually be easier if you have longer legs, but taller/larger people have struggled to get into my passenger seat. The SX/4 even has bigger doors, so you'd think it would be easier. Then again, my passenger seat feels like it's gonna break when you sit in it because the mechanism is a piece of junk.

Just don't ever try to sit in the back of any 2-door Eagle. It will be painful.
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Re: What are the dimensions?
« Reply #22 on: September 17, 2013, 05:28:12 PM »
My Ambassador is a bit tough to get into as well as it does not have tilt and its doors are really long.  My SX/4 is a bit easier because of the tilt wheel, along with the Concord sedan for the same reason.  I am about 6' 2".
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