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My seats have caused me pain
« on: December 30, 2012, 08:30:26 PM »
I have had my eagle for several years and ever since I got it the drivers side seat has been broken, I know this is somewhat common and a real pain in the you know what, literally

Mine was broken in the back part where you now sat atop a steel bar instead of padding! I, like others, tried to stuff various pillows, foam peices, part of a swimming pool noodle, etc etc in there to give me some comfort. All to no avail....

This weekend in finally fixed it, and I'm sad to say it wasn't very hard, and I should have done it years ago

Mine has the leather interior, others may be the same

After removing the seat the problem was evident, the springs are attached to the rear frame bar, the springs were broken, not just where they came loose but broken, im a good sized guy, but not that big!

So, how to fix.... Cant weld, cant replace spring without taking the whole seat apart...

Took some larger size hose clamps, and fastened them around the end of the spring and reattached to the frame bar, this brought them back "up" to the correct height, then , and this is an important step, you will notice that the springs were attached to one another in a few places. I took some wire (I used electric fence wire) and add additional connections between each individual spring, this let's them all "help" each other and gives the seat a lot more stiffness

So now my seat sits perfect, like new, the problem is the leather is all squashed into the broken way and looks bad, dont think it will ever come back......but at least it feels good!

I went ahead and braced up the other seat too even though it hadn't broken yet

Now driving the eagle won't be such a pain in the .......

Rob c

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