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Almost 60,000 and.... still amazing
« Reply #45 on: March 01, 2013, 12:20:45 AM »
So, I'm approaching the 60,000 mile mark with this old bird and I have to say I'm loving it.  After a snow-icane, a blizzard, and all the normal trappings of New England winters, the old Camelot Eagle, that was originally intended as a parts donor for my (still being restored) 83 Sport wagon, has ended up being a very reliable, somewhat economical, and extremely capable daily driver.  So far the only major repair has been an alternator belt, and even that wasn't much of a deal since I keep a spare set of Gatorback belts in the trunk (win!).
I can now say pretty definitively that the 4WD is in full working order and with the Winterforce snow tires I've yet to have so much as a slide in it in pretty much any conditions.  Even driving uphill on a snow covered road, it's kept its footing without any noticeable slipping.  My main concern at this point is the looseness of the front end.  It appears to become tighter if the 4WD is on, but in 2WD mode it seems to be very sloppy.  Any ideas where to start on this one?  I'm wondering if the steering might need tightening somehow?
Aside from a pesky leak around the windshield and some sticky door latches, I can't really say there's much to complain about.  I've driven this car mostly in short trips to work (~5 min.) but have had it on a few highway outings and a couple of rush-hours and it's taken it in stride for the most part.  I do drive it like a grandmother 99% of the time though.
After charting the fuel consumption over 11 fills I've found it's getting an average of 15.08 Miles per Gallon with it's best being 19.6 and the worst 10.78 (was a lot of 4wd driving and short trips).  I do love that I fill it approximately once a month.  Gotta love the 23 gallon gas tank!  The 4WD does have an impact where it goes down to on average 13.
I'm getting ready for the 60,000 mile maintenance, and hopefully I can improve it some if I have the time and extra cash.  I'll update more as I can.  I have noticed that Pep Boys does still stock the Motormite headlight adjusting screw interestingly enough.  And it's always amusing to hear the comments I get driving it around.  Most of my co-workers love it (one of whom owns a Jeep... lol).
Also, does anyone out there know of any way to get a (preferably digital) copy of the shop manual any more?  I thought someone around here sold them at one point but I haven't been able to find any info lately.  Now that I have a garage, I'm far better suited to work on her, and I'd rather not pay $80 for a printed copy if I can avoid it.
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Re: I must be f#@!*^& crazy... (Now known as The Camelot '87 sedan)
« Reply #46 on: March 01, 2013, 07:36:21 AM »
I, through not so legitimate means... obtained a copy of the *A common repair shop* software which includes most of the eagles after 83 I think.

It's a huge set of files, but I could burn them to a DVD probably and drop them in the mail for the cost of postage if you want.  I could also probably upload and host them if you have a decent internet connection and can wait for it to download.  I can check for you when I get home tonight if you are interested.
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Re: I must be f#@!*^& crazy... (Now known as The Camelot '87 sedan)
« Reply #47 on: March 02, 2013, 08:18:01 AM »
Uploaded the files you would need.  Domestic 83-2003 repair info is 6.83 Gb and the install disc you need is 127.9 Mb.  PM me if anyone wants the links for download.


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