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Re: Tire Calculator
« Reply #45 on: May 24, 2013, 02:29:26 AM »
My 235/75/15s will be much nicer with 3.08 gears (vs the 2.72 currently in there) since I also put in a 727 (which takes a bit more power to get rolling due to inertia and first/second gear ratios being taller than 998s.
'87 Comanche 4.0L AW4/NP242 3.73 gears, lifted 5" on near new 33" tires $3500 obo
'82 Eagle Wagon (Brown Betty) 4.2L/727/NP229 and soon 8.25 rear axle and non-vacuum 3.08 front to match. 235/75/15 tires. It's down to minor body work (someone creamed my driver's door but I have another in good shape) almost rust free and interior work (seats are worn and carpet torn). $2000 but about to go up due to more work being done.

Pics of my other for sale stuff