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Re: My First Car: A 1986 AMC Eagle Wagon Limited
« Reply #90 on: June 17, 2013, 12:47:35 PM »
Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. Things have been coming along nicely. If all goes according to plan, then my Eagle will finally be road worthy after sitting in my driveway for about 1 year & 5 months. Have done lots of things to it. Me and my dad have installed an all new braking system (minus the booster) and plan on replacing the front rotors, which we feel is the cause of my cars braking problem. We also installed a new starter and distributor and new battery cables. We also have gotten the carburetor tuned to the point where it will idle under 1k RPM. I also have started hoarding whatever spare parts I can get my hands on and/or afford. I've taken a bunch of pictures that are below.

What my engine bay currently looks like.

Got the grill from a 1982 AMC Spirit GT installed. It looks great.

Finally found a cargo cover in my color. One side has been painted black but I'll repaint it the original honey tan color someday.

Got a rear speaker cover installed to replace my original broken one, which I think I'll be able to fix. Have been toying with the idea of putting in some 80's era aftermarket speakers (2 Sony brands and two NOS Jensen brands), but that is for another day.

Here is what spare AMC parts I have been able to acquire for my Eagle. I have no need for the 4WD switch, the rear hatch seal (from a 79 Spirit AMX), and the steering wheel, so if anyone needs them message me.

I also went to a local junkyard and pulled the 4.0 head, rocker arm cover, and exhaust manifold from a 92 Jeep engine block for a future 4.0 head swap. Also got the intake manifold to save the time of removing it there, which I don't need for the swap. Does anyone need it?

Also got the overhead console from a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited to install in my car. Also got the mounting bracket, the plug and temperature sensor so I can have the compass and the outside temperature from the Jeep as well.

Have also amassed quite a collection of AMC emblems for spares and/or for my personal emblem collection.

The emblem at the very top is NOS.

Also got a spare horn button.

Here are the other AMC emblems I have.

1986 AMC Eagle Wagon Limited. Work in progress. Most likely have the only one in town. :)


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