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Title: Manifold swap
Post by: carnuck on October 27, 2012, 12:02:30 PM
I have decided to clean up the emissions crap under the hood even more. I have an exhaust manifold without the AIR (my cat was added aftermarket and is non-aerobic so it doesn't use the pumped in air, but it had both pulse air and AIR when I got it) I also will swap the intake while I'm at it and I'm thinking about using a router to open the ports slightly and put on one of my MC2100 1.08 carbs. The past couple days I've had some stalling issues when I turn right, which may be caused by a vacuum leak at the manifold combined with the last of the oil leak on my valve cover. I did a Clifford cover and had to redo it 3 times to get the leak as small as it is now (my broken shoulder doesn't help!)
   The spare intake/exhaust I have has the red knock sensor and I'll be taking it out along with all the fittings (except the manifold water and electric heaters and necessary vacuum fittings) Then I'll buff the manifold till it gleams before installing. It'll be nice to not have the AIR pipes in the way on the exhaust too.