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Title: Crusher Alerta 83 Eagle Limited Houston Texas
Post by: Eddie Stakes on April 24, 2012, 01:43:12 PM
If any of you are in southeast Texas, there is a rather loaded out 83 Eagle wagon, a limited, at the Fiesta Auto Storage at 1826 Almeda Genoa Road in Houston. Thier phone number is 713-434-9550. No they will not ship or pull parts, you have to show up with tools and pull items. The car has electric windows and locks, full dash, all 4 bumper end caps, both bumpers, good hatch, electric rear defogger and wiper, looked to be leather seats, I believe it also had electric seats, has wipers, motor, grille was broken up, but had a good headlight door, breather, I think it has cruise control setup, complete tilt column, lower package tray, more. Whole drivetrain is in it, as is door panels. Some fool busted the passenger side mirror but junkyards do that, many of the pick a parts here toss axles thru back glasses for fun. The car is mostly complete though and figured some of ya'll might want to check it out if in this area, it has been a really long time since I have seen anything AMC in junkyards here. Almeda Genoa is just north of Sam Houston Tollway Beltway 8 and near Hiway 288 on south side. Eddie Stakes