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What to post here.
« on: November 11, 2005, 05:24:14 PM »
This board is for our members to post parts and products of their own manufacture and available on an ongoing basis.  We ask that each item you have for sale be posted individually with a clear asking price; ordering instructions; pictures whenever possible plus any other information you wish to post.

Disclaimer:  All transactions in this section are between the buyer and seller.  The AMC Eagle Nest's sole involvment is the provision of this site for the posting of your item(s); and is done so as a service to its members.  The AMC Eagle Nest shall not be held liable for the actions of its members; nor for any other aspect of a transaction or attempted transaction, nor for the suitability of the application, fitness or warranty.  The Seller and Buyer shall assume all liability and repsonsibility related to any product. The AMC EAGLENEST by posting member products, is not recommendinf no guaranteeing any product for use or suitability.

Buyer/Seller Disputes:  Any disputes regarding the descriptions, suitability, fitness or condition of an item(s); or any other aspect of the transaction must be conducted OFF SITE but members may use the forum's personal message format if they wish, neither is Amc Eagle FACEBOOK page to be used for disputes or complaints  Buyers and/or sellers who feel the actions of a buyer and/or seller should be brought to the attention of AMCEagleNest staff should do so only through a private message to one of the administrators.   The names of forum administrators may be found in the members list.   The forum administrators shall solicit both sides of the dispute; however the only action that can be taken against a member, with a majority vote of the administrators, is the revocation of membership in the AMCEagleNest.

Malicous Posts:  Any post made by a member to members at large which are disparaging towards another member will be removed and the person posting said message will receive one warning via a personal message.  A second such occurance will result in the offending member being banned from the forum.  
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Re: What to post here.
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2011, 08:48:56 PM »
If you as a vendor sell your products via the AMC EAGLENEST, we kindly ask for small donation. It is not required , however it helps keep the nest running , and the wheels turning.

Thank you.