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Re: No Drive or Reverse
« Reply #15 on: July 20, 2012, 11:31:00 AM »
You can pull a 998/999 out of a Wrangler with a 258 or 4.0. You'll just have to switch to the 4.0 flexplate and starter if you grab one of those but it's only a few more bolts to get the flywheel as well and the starter has to come out so it's not really any more work.

Any 4wd 3-speed 9XX mated to an AMC six or V8 after '72 will fit right in, physically. The 904s may be a little weak if you're hard on them.
Why would you have to switch flexplates? Are the torque converters different? I'm using a 4.0L YJ flexplate on my stock Eagle transmission so that I can use the later starter.

I have done the same eaglefreek. Untill I went to a manual trasmission

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Re: No Drive or Reverse
« Reply #16 on: July 21, 2012, 07:40:04 PM »
Bought her today for $300 and TRIED to bring her home.  I figured I would check the transmission fluid once the engine got warm after driving for a little while.  After about a mile or two of driving, I heard a belt snap and the power steering went out–I thought, okay, not too bad.  After about another two miles, I noticed the car was overheating.  At this point, I found a nice area to pull off at and I shut the engine off.  I tried to open the hood, but it wouldn't release.  I didn't have any pliers to release up front, so I couldn't open it and check any of the fluids.  I'm pretty sure the coolant is low, and there may be a leak.  I had to leave the car there.  A friend is going to help me pick it up tomorrow morning with his flatbed.

One thing to note about the transmission is that I tried putting it into drive at some point, and it worked!  Well, it worked for about a minute before it slipped back out of gear.
   That could be low fluid, clogged filter or the seal in the front drum gone hard. If it's the latter, then a can of STP engine oil treatment will usually nurse the trans by for quite a while as long as you let it firmly engage before pushing it hard. I even had to do that to the 727 I put in my Eagle because it sat so long the seals dried out. Now it shifts solid and right away in the AM after only 100 miles.
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