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AMO Treasury Sales page is done...
« on: February 17, 2012, 02:26:13 AM »
Just passing the word that I have the AMO Treasury Sales page is 99.999% done.  Just short of a couple pics, and tweaks.  Check it out...

Notice a few new items on the way (April 2012), a couple items no more (AMX III hat pin), and more photos of items.  All photos has links to larger picture for clarity.  A few others will be added and upgraded along the way.

Appreciate seeing the chapters inserting the order form in their newsletters.  I also have a new Order Form, with a simplier number system, and a couple tweaks to pricing.  Whoever wants the new file of it, let me know and I'll send it along.  This one also has space for your shipping information.  A couple received recently didn't have it.  Also, plan is to work on an active pdf to make it easier for you and looking into Paypal for the site too.  So things should be close to standardized, when all changes made throughout AMO world.  Thanks for your patience.

My site, also has updated flyers for a number of AMO Show/Events throughout the country.  IF yours isn't there, let me know, send it along and I will be glad to post it.  Any clubs/organizations will glad to put a link with artwork too, just let me know.

All this has got me going on mine and I am targeting a week to have all my pages, items and artwork on display.  Upgraded the program and it is working very nicely, without crashes and slow speed.


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